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Welcome to Boot Camp Challenge - Indianapolis Area!

Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC) is a group personal training program that guarantees results and attracts anyone looking to shape up, change their body or just challenge their fitness level. BCC incorporates all the tools needed for success; nutritional guidance, beginning and ending assessments, exercise instruction and motivation!

Boot Camp Challenge Program Design

- 6 Weeks.
- 3 times per week.
- 1 hour each class.
- Can customize for private, corporate boot camps.

Boot Camp Challenge PROVEN RESULTS!!

- Improvement in quality of life.
- Decrease in bodyfat. (Avg. 3%-4% loss in bodyfat!)
- Decrease in inches.
- Increase in Strength and Endurance.
- Self empowerment.

How is Boot Camp Challenge different from other boot camps?

- Strong team camaraderie and  espirit de corps.
- Your always encouraged, never degraded.
- Trainers are experienced, certified fitness professionals able to accomodate the needs of all fitness levels.
- Trainers are available outside of class time to answer questions and support each camper.
- Campers will learn lifestyle changes through realistic, individual goal setting.
- No weigh-in's
- Workouts are NEVER repeated.
- Men and women of all fitness levels welcome!


Rich Ford
BCC Drill Sergeant

Profile on Rich Ford

Rich Ford has been an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer for 7 years and has helped a variety of clients from those just starting a fitness program to Corporate CEO's to amateur athletes. He has expertise in many areas of the fitness industry including TRX training, Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebell, Fitboxing, HIT and more. Along with one-on-one training, Rich has also instructed fitness classes for children, teens, and advanced fitness enthusists looking to improve performance. No matter what your age, fitness level, or goals, Rich's knowledge in training, nutrition, and passion to motivate has given results to dozens of clients in his career, and now he's looking to help you with BCC!!

For more information on personal training services and Boot Camp Challenge, please contact Rich at (630) 276-6977 or email at

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