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Boot Camp Challenge is not just a workout.  It is a health and wellness program that incorporates pre and post assessments, nutrition awareness, muscle confusion style training and creates a community of support and encouragement.  When you join Boot Camp Challenge you join our fitness family.  Boot Camp Challenge is owner operated and has been serving Katy since 2009.  Join Boot Camp Challenge today and let us help you achieve your wellness goals.  You will be pushed to challenge yourself but not pushed beyond your limits.

Classes are UNLIMITED and the longer you stay the less you pay!

  • 12 month membership for $79 per month

  • 6 month membership for $89 per month

  • 4 week camp for $159

  • 4 week camps purchased consecutively for $129


  • Monday & Wednesday evening 7:00pm

  • Saturday 8:00am

  • Call Sherry today at 713-367-6604

  • Location: 28800 S. Firethorne Road, Katy TX  77494

  • Fitness with Sherry, LLC

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*If you sign up for a 6 or 12 month membership your credit card will automatically be debited each month.

*Please be aware that throughout the calendar year there will be 8 weeks without class.  The breaks are typically over Christmas break, Spring break, Thanksgiving and 2 weeks at some point during the summer months.  This has been factored into your monthly membership fee.

REFUND POLICY:  NO Refunds will be issued unless you meet one of the following requirements:
You move more than 20 miles from the location of the class
You become pregnant during the session and it is recommended that you discontinue class
You have a surgery  that prevents you from participating in Boot Camp Challenge
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